UPS European Logistics Facts

Europe Facts

Founded: August 28, 1907, in Seattle, USA

Established in Europe: 1976, Germany

World Headquarters: Atlanta, USA

Europe Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

UPS Europe President: Daniel Carrera

Global Volume and Revenue:

  • 2018 Revenue: US $72 billion
  • 2018 Delivery Volume: 5.2 billion packages and documents
  • Daily Delivery Volume: 20.7 million packages and documents
  • Daily International Volume: 3.2 million packages and documents

Europe Areas Served: 56 countries and territories

Europe Points of Access: More than 18,500 (UPS centres, MBE centres, UPS drop-off locations & UPS Access Point™ locations)

Europe Operating Facilities: More than 400 (including more than 500,000m² warehouse space)

Employees: Europe: More than 48,000; Worldwide: 481,000 (399,000 U.S.; 82,000 International)

Europe Delivery Fleet: More than 9,600 (package cars, vans, and tractors)

Daily Flight Segments: Intra-Europe 168; Intercontinental 141

Airports Served: Intra-Europe 56; Intercontinental 12

Europe Air Hub: Cologne/Bonn, Germany

Media Relations Team:
Avenue Ariane 5
1200 Brussels, Belgium

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