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Time is money. That's why we make it easy and fast for you to create shipments online, track, and manage your business--all on

Simpler Shipping

Create shipments online and print labels as needed. Ship as a guest or sign up for a ID and save frequently used info, like payment methods, contacts and preferences and make processing faster next time.

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Automate your high-volume global shipping and eliminate tedious manual processes with WorldShip®. Gain access to the full range of UPS shipping services while remaining compliant and reducing costly errors.

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Package Preparation

Whether you're shipping clothes or medical equipment, your shipments need to get to their destinations safely. Read up on basic shipping instructions or get customised packaging guidelines with the Packaging Advisor tool.

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Powerful Tracking

UPS Tracking technology gives you more shipment visibility and lets you access shipment information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give your customers the ability to check the status of their order delivery with just a few clicks, while you focus your efforts on things like product support or order completion.

See Your Shipments' Status with UPS Tracking

Tracking isn't just for outgoing shipments – Quantum View® gives you complete shipment visibility across your supply chain, directly from your desktop. Watch all shipping activity, pinpoint and resolve potential issues, and create automatic delivery notifications for your customers.

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Convenient Collections

Running your business is already time-consuming – instead of taking every shipment to a UPS location, you can schedule collections directly from your office. Plan predictable daily collections or use a UPS On-Call Collection at any time for added flexibility.

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