Take a Good Look into Your Supply Chain

Visibility means fewer surprises and greater gains.

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Meeting demands for faster delivery and better products and services requires at least one thing: better visibility into your supply chain. How else will you spot the missed handoffs or the last-minute fixes that sap productivity and squeeze profits?

We offer a range of supply chain visibility tools to help you spot incremental opportunities that add up to big advantages.

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  • Gain a complete view of your UPS parcel shipments

    UPS Quantum View® provides one of the industry's most complete views of our inbound and outbound UPS shipments. It includes proactive shipment status notifications that can help with workforce planning and productivity, as well as customised tracking reports to keep you updated on when parcels are processed, in transit and delivered.

  • Complete visibility – even across complex, multi-modal and international supply chains

    UPS Flex® Global View provides end-to-end visibility for your air and ocean freight shipments with near-real-time status updates. The reporting and alerts functionality can help manage inventory levels and keep customers updated – even for goods travelling between different suppliers, by different modes and across international borders.

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