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Keep Customers Coming Back

Post Sales Experiences Can Make All the Difference
Making a sale is great, but the real challenge is keeping customers happy after the sale. Post sales support is integral to customer satisfaction and can be a significant source of profit. You can have the best high-tech gadget in the world but still lose repeat customers and future revenue without excellent after-sales service.

Create an Easy Returns Process Anyone Can Use
How you manage returns can set you apart from your competition and is an important part of the customer experience. Making returns convenient can lead to word-of-mouth customer recommendations as well as repeat business. With UPS, you get a simple and clear process where one carrier handles all returns. This gives you visibility and keeps your operations running smoothly.

Simplify Your Post Sales with UPS
As a global leader in bringing a fully integrated approach to the post sales support cycle, we can help you reduce service costs, provide better and faster customer support worldwide, gain global visibility, and accelerate the movement of parts and products through your reverse logistics supply chain. UPS also has the world's largest Service Parts Logistics network, with almost 1,000 warehouses, and comprehensive same- and next-day transportation services to meet your customers' most stringent service level agreements. 

With proven experience and global capabilities, UPS is a single source that can help you drive post-sales efficiencies and improve your business performance.

Our portfolio of post-sales capabilities includes:

  • Service parts logistics
  • Returns logistics
  • Service tech support
  • World's largest Field Stocking Location network (enabling one-, two- and four-hour response times)
  • Depot and field repairs
  • Network and parts planning
  • Advanced IT and visibility systems

Learn More About UPS Returns Products

Learn About Post Sales Solutions

For more information or enquiries on UPS industry solutions, please contact UPS at 1800-1800-88.

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