Lower De Minimis Exemption Limit on Inbound Shipments to Indonesia

The de minimis exemption limit for inbound shipments to Indonesia has decreased from USD 100 to USD 75 per shipment per day.

The de minimis is the minimum dollar value of qualifying* goods, which no formal customs procedures are required and no duties or tax collected. Shipments into Indonesia valued at more than USD 75 are now subject to import duties and taxes.

In addition, the de minimis exemption limit applies to shipments with an aggregate value of up to USD 75 per consignee per day as a quota. This regulation has been enforced based on consignee's name.

To ensure smooth clearance of shipments, consignees must submit their Tax ID/ NPWP (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak) number to customs when making imports to comply with the new regulations.

For more information and updates on this new policy, you may click here or, alternatively, please contact your local Account Representative or Customer Service Representative.

*Formal customs entries on certain goods may still be required, regardless of value