UPS Enhances Services in 1,285 Postal Areas in South Korea

UPS has enhanced its service in 1,285 postal areas in Seoul and Gyeonggi, South Korea to better serve businesses of all sizes and industries in the region.

Earlier Delivery for Letters and Documents to Seoul
UPS Worldwide Express® service with guaranteed delivery by 2pm is now available in selected areas in Seoul. Important and time-sensitive letters and documents, such as contracts and bills, can now be delivered to customers or suppliers in Seoul by 2pm, in addition to the end-of-day delivery option.

Extended Cut-Off Time for the Pick-Up of Export Shipments from Seoul and Gyeonggi
The cut-off time for the pick-up of export shipments from selected areas in Seoul and Gyeonggi will be extended by two hours. Local businesses will now have widened order receipt and/or order processing window with same-time delivery to global customers, enhancing competitive edge for companies and improving customers’ satisfaction.

To learn more about this new enhancement and its benefits, please contact your UPS Account Executive or call your local customer service representatives.

For the latest information on transit times for shipments between specific origins and destinations, please visit here