Monitoring and Management

Advanced imaging… for your supply chain.

Just as we depend on imaging systems to inform strategic interventions in healthcare, visibility into your supply chain activities can empower you to mitigate problems before they occur. Healthcare products increasingly require special handling to meet time and temperature requirements. In addition to optimizing our global transportation and distribution networks for healthcare, we've invested in advanced technology to monitor and intervene to prevent excursions and see time-critical and high-value shipments through final delivery.

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Who This is For

All healthcare segments that ship products with time, product and security requirements, including pharmaceutical, life science, medical device, medical/surgical supply, diagnostic labs, and CROs.

End-to-end visibility for targeted solutions.

Today's competitive healthcare landscape requires you anticipate demand and orchestrate smooth order fulfillment. That takes information.

UPS technology provides the visibility and business system functionality you need to manage inbound and outbound activities across your entire supply chain—from order entry through payment, and across all suppliers and carriers. Our team can also provide monitoring and intervention services to ensure compliant, on-time delivery of critical products.

With complete visibility, you can better plan workforces and production, allocate inventory, and resolve time, integrity, and compliance issues through final delivery.

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