Lumicera Case Study

When specialty pharmacy Lumicera needed to track, monitor, and contingency plan for critical shipments, they turned to UPS Premier.

"UPS Healthcare as a separate division is extremely important. We need that team to understand the criticality of the package and that there’s a patient waiting at the end."

Ben Heiser, VP, Operations & Business Development at Lumicera Health Services

The Challenge

As a specialty pharmacy, the patients Lumicera serves can depend on the drugs in their shipments to improve their quality and longevity of life. Lumicera needed a partner who understood the criticality of their shipments and knew how to protect them.

The Solution

UPS Premier provided Lumicera with the ability to track, monitor, and contingency plan for critical shipments. Utilizing both silver and gold levels of UPS Premier, Lumicera and their patients gained enhanced visibility and peace of mind.

The Results

Lumicera and UPS Healthcare continue to work together to ensure medications make it to the patients who need them at the right temperature and at the right time.

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