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Pitney Bowes® Customers Can Save up to 25% on Shipping

UPS is pleased to help Pitney Bowes customers save time and money through special services and shipping discounts. We put the power of logistics to work for you every day by providing speed, outstanding reliability and technology tools so you can focus on your business - not your shipping. And, with Pitney Bowes’s new SendPro™ product you can simplify the way you send packages through UPS® while saving up to 25% on Shipping. It’s an all-in-one solution that lets you prepare, manage and monitor your shipments, anytime, anywhere.

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Find Efficiencies in Your Business

See how our solutions and services can help businesses and firms like yours streamline office tasks and warehouse operations.

Learn More

  • Shipment preparation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Visibility
  • Transportation
  • Cost allocation

Let Us Help You

  • Save time on shipping
  • Manage costs
  • Maximize cash flow
  • Improve customer service

Take advantage of these and other online services:

Make UPS My ChoiceSM Your Home Delivery Helper

Receive delivery alerts via phone or email a day in advance so you can plan ahead.

Rescheduling to a new delivery date that fits your schedule for just $5.

Rerouting to another address for just $5.