Notification Services

Track the status of critical shipments with e-mail notifications


Quantum View Notify, a UPS notification service, can send you and your customers e-mails about important events in the progress of your shipment.

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Send these notifications to as many as five e-mail addresses per request:

  • Ship Notification: Confirms that UPS has received information from the shipper regarding shipments
  • Exception Notification*: Notifies you when and why a shipment will not meet its original scheduled delivery date and provides a rescheduled date of delivery
  • Delivery Notification: Confirms the delivery of a shipment

*Receive shipment status updates as frequently as every hour.

Note: You can use Quantum View Notify when shipping a package with, UPS WorldShip, UPS WorldShip International, UPS CampusShip and UPS Connect (availability of these services varies by country).