UPS Import Control®

Make International Trade Easier

Crossing borders requires coordination, compliance, and quite a bit of paperwork. If these pieces don't align as expected, you could be looking at customs delays.

Grab a tighter rein on the importing process--UPS Import Control lets you more effectively manage costs and minimise delays.

Our international shipping solution helps you:

  • Control speed and budget needs when importing from suppliers worldwide
  • Gain full visibility into your inbound supply chain for better planning and forecasting
  • Prevent unauthorised charges incurred from distributing your account number to exporters
  • Limit delays or excess duties and taxes when you control the creation and verification of commercial invoices
  • Synchronise your supply chain by controlling imports from multiple suppliers

Create Your Own Shipping Labels and Commercial Invoices

When you generate your own shipping labels, you--not your vendors--select the carrier and decide which speed or service you want. This oversight gives you the chance to confirm the information is error-free.

The same goes for commercial invoices: you create and complete the form to ensure accuracy and customs compliance.

UPS Import Control offers an option to deliver shipping labels and commercial invoices to your exporters:

  • Have UPS e-mail a shipping label

Get Additional Flexibility with UPS Complete ViewSM Shipping

Complete View Shipping

Controlling commercial invoices relies on an exchange of information between you and your vendor and does require some additional time from your staff. If you'd prefer to keep a handle on the creation but reassign the details to someone else, consider combining UPS Import Control with UPS Complete View Shipping.

Using these solutions together allows you to partially complete the form and let your supplier enter shipment characteristics like weight, dimensions, and the number of pieces to be shipped. Once your vendor finalises edits, forms are available to print directly from the Web.

UPS Complete View Shipping is a configurable campus-wide shipping solution, popular with mid- to large-sized companies who require customisation.