CampusShip Support - Exporting Reference Numbers

How To Export Reference Numbers

Rather than manually modifying individual reference numbers, an administrator can export reference number information to a file and modify multiple records. The modified file can then be imported back into UPS CampusShip.

To export reference number information, select Export Reference Number under a reference number list displayed on the Manage Reference Numbers Page. (Up to three lists could be displayed.) Selecting the link will create your export request.

Export Files Status

After creating your export file request, a screen displays allowing you to check the status of your export request.

Export File Request Status can include:

  • In Progress: This indicates that an export request is being processed and will complete momentarily, depending on size. To view the latest status, refresh the page.
  • Completed: Displays a link to View Data
  • Completed with Errors: Displays links to View Data and View Errors
  • Failed: Displays a link to View Errors

To check the status of other export activities, select Show All, Location Export Only, User Export Only, Address Export Only, or Reference Number Export Only from the drop-down list for Sort Status Table By.