CampusShip Support - Information You Need to Begin

How To Gather Key Information

Listed below are the kinds of information you'll need to have on-hand when setting up UPS CampusShip.

Employee Data
Gather pertinent employee data: names, login names you have assigned for UPS CampusShip Users, locations, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. Group these employees according to the shipping privileges (for example user rights) they will need to be most efficient and effective. These groups will form the shipping privilege sets you create later. To learn more about how to create these shipping privilege sets, see the Shipping Privilege Sets section of this guide.
Note: For employees who ship from multiple locations, you can grant Travelling User status when setting privileges.

Account Numbers and Addresses
Gather your company's UPS account numbers, collection addresses, and shipping locations.

Reference Numbers
Gather reference numbers that you would like to use to identify each package (for example, client/matter codes, department codes, cost codes, project numbers, etc.). Determine how these reference fields should be labelled and decide whether the fields require validation. (The package cannot be processed if incorrect information is entered.)
Note: For information (corporate address files, locations, reference number value, and users) being imported rather than typed, the file must have a .csv file type. Import procedures are discussed in File Importing.