UPS On-Call Pickup®



You can have your shipment collected from your home or office by scheduling your collection service online at or by calling UPS Customer Service. UPS will collect all packages with a single collection service request. A collection service may be scheduled for the same day or a future day. Fees are applied per collection service request regardless of the number of packages being collected.

Charges differ based on the collection service request type:

  • Same Day Phone
  • Same Day Web
  • Future Day Phone
  • Future Day Web

Terms of Service

This charge does not apply to:

• A daily customer's established collection hours (see daily collection).
• Return package collections included in the UPS 1 Attempt and UPS 3 Attempts Returns Plus services.
• Collections containing international shipments within the collection stop.

An On-Call Collection service charge applies for Electronic Return Label, Print Return Label and regular or alternative address collection. Cash payments are available for the on-call collection service.