Terms & Conditions: Money-Back Guarantee

For certain services and selected destinations UPS offers a free money-back guarantee. To find out if it applies to your shipment, go to ´Calculate Delivery Time´ in either the Shipping or Resources section at www.ups.com and key in your shipping details. Alternatively, it can be obtained by contacting your local UPS Customer Service. Where the money-back guarantee operates, if we deliver outside our time commitment on applicable services, we will on request refund or credit you with the shipping charges (or the proportionate part of those where only some of the packages in a shipment fail to meet the applicable time limit), net of any VAT, duties, taxes or levies, provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

a) shipping documentation (including labels) must have been correctly completed and the relevant package must bear the paper labels produced by UPS OnLineTM Shipping Solutions or otherwise in accordance with the "UPS Guide to labeling";

b) any other documentation required by the country of origin or destination or any country of transit must be fully and accurately completed and included with the package;

c) if applicable, the package must bear a Saturday delivery routing label (for destinations to which this service is available);

d) the shipment must have been tendered to UPS on or before the latest collection time specified by us for guaranteed delivery;

e) you must have notified your request for claim to UPS in writing or by telephone within 15 days from the date of the scheduled delivery and advised us of the receiver´s name and address, date of shipment, package weight and the UPS tracking number;

f) the shipment must not require additional handling as described in the Additional Handling Charge section at www.ups.com.

g) the shipper must provide Timely Upload of all applicable information to UPS. Timely Upload as used in these Terms refers to the electronic transmission of all applicable information (including, but not limited to, consignee’s full name, complete delivery address, and shipment dimensions and weight) to UPS 15 minutes before the latest collection time specified by us for guaranteed delivery.

The guarantee does not apply when late delivery results from the package not complying with the service restrictions and conditions set out in our Terms and Conditions of Carriage, from events beyond our control (force majeure) or due to any suspension of carriage or the exercise of any lien in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Carriage.