Medical Devices Logistics

Medical devices so often have the potential to save or change a life. We increase your global supply chain efficiency and visibility so you can quickly get critical devices, surgical kits and other equipment to and from the places where they are needed most.

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Medical device delivery logistics

Inventory Reduction Solutions

Take the load off your inventory while improving service to the hospitals you support by outsourcing medical device logistics and leaning on our 1,000+ multi-client field stocking locations.

Loaner Kits and Decontamination

Our healthcare dedicated multi-client loaner hubs are staffed with experts who help quickly process, replenish, decontaminate, and ship surgical kits and medical devices.


Get real-time shipment visibility and a priority path through the UPS network from order to delivery with UPS® Premier medical device services.

Same Day Delivery

Our loaner kit hubs, healthcare-specific distribution centres and field stocking locations are optimised to get your medical devices out with same day delivery anywhere in the US.

Reverse Logistics

When you need to get your equipment back into inventory for the next order, our reverse logistics services can help make it easier, faster, and more flexible.

A UPS Healthcare field stocking warehouse floor

4 ways forward-stocking locations can improve warehouse logistics for international trade

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