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File a Claim

Have a problem with a parcel? Let's see if we can help make things right.

What should I do if my package was damaged?

If you've received a damaged package, you'll need to contact the sender to start a claim.

If you're the sender, you'll need to contact your local UPS office. You'll need to send the following items to the claims office:

  • A bill, including your signature, for the goods that have been damaged.
  • A copy of the original invoice or statement showing the value of the merchandise.
  • A copy of the original shipping receipt.

Proactively Preventing Package Damage and Loss

Research shows that damaged or lost packages resulting in a claim are often connected with boxes too large or too small, providing poor cushioning, labels that aren’t properly placed on your package or having unclear delivery instructions. To avoid damage, check out a few basic tips we put together that can help get your package to its destination safe and sound.

Packaging Tips