Simplify Your Processes

All systems go

Streamline your shipping to stay ahead of the competition

Put UPS technology and tools to use so that you can focus on your business and create a better experience for your customers.

You can reduce manual key entry in the front and back office by linking your order entry to a UPS shipping system. Simplify shipping with WorldShip®, which uses your company's existing customer data to generate shipping labels, helps you to easily manifest air, ground, international, LTL freight, and air freight shipments. Help your staff spend less time on customer calls with Quantum View Notify®, which automatically notifies your customers of shipment status.

Use Shipment Tracking to Its Best Advantage
With UPS tracking technologies you can plan work activities and staffing based on up-to-date information on incoming and outgoing inventory. Prevent shortages and delivery delays, all while keeping tabs on exactly what arrives and when. Proactively send your customers notifications on their shipment status. You can even monitor shipping from your Smartphone with UPS Mobile™ apps.

Simplify Returns for Your Customer
How you handle returns can set you apart from your competition and is an important part of the customer experience. Making it simpler and more convenient can lead to more first-time buyers and to repeat business. Arrange for your customer to receive a return label by email or send it to them with their shipment.

Automate Your Shipping Process with WorldShip

View Your Shipment Activity from One Place with Quantum View Manage

Get Notifications on Your Shipment Status with Quantum View Notify

Track Shipments Anywhere, Anytime with UPS Mobile

For more information or enquiries on UPS industry solutions, please contact UPS at 0120-27-1040.

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