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Shipping Dangerous Goods Globally

UPS Helps You Ship Dangerous Goods Around the World

Shipping dangerous goods worldwide can be complicated. Shippers must stay current in transport regulations affecting hazard classification, packaging, marking labeling and documentation. Whether by air or ground, UPS can help your dangerous goods package get where it needs to be.

Please note: See “UPS International Dangerous Goods Countries/Territories,” below. Time-in-transit guarantees do not apply to dangerous goods packages.

How to Ship Dangerous Goods Globally

Shipping dangerous goods with UPS requires adhering to the limitations set forth in the UPS approved chemical tables and strict adherence to all international regulations. Incorrect or missing markings, incorrect labels, or improper use of a Shipper's Declaration can lead to delays. Use of the UPS WorldShip shipping program is highly encouraged as it contains the UPS dangerous goods chemical table and quantity limitations.