Create and Print Shipping Labels

With UPS, you can prepare shipping labels for domestic and international shipments from the convenience of any device connected to the Internet.

Order Shipping Labels

Instead of printing your own, order the appropriate labels for your shipment.

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UPS Thermal Printers

Thermal printers are a type of printer that use heat transfer to print in black and white – but they can only print labels. We have tips on how to use thermal printers.

Pro Tip

Take advantage of many time-saving tools by registering for a user name and logging in each time you ship parcels. We accept major credit cards and PayPal if you prefer (availability varies). Payments on are encrypted to ensure privacy.

Desktop System and Browser Requirements

To create a shipment on, including UPS CampusShip™, please verify that your computer meets the following system requirements:

Desktop OS\Browser
Desktop Browser Browser Version  Windows 10 Windows 8.1  Windows 7 Mac OS/X 10.12 Mac OS/X 10.13
IE 11
IE 10
MS Edge 41.x
Firefox 59.x
Chrome 64.x
Safari 11.0
Safari 11.0

Mobile System and Browser Requirements

To create a shipment on, including UPS CampusShip™, please verify that your mobile device meets the following system requirements:

Mobile OS\Browser
Mobile Browser Browser Version Android 6.X Android 7.X  Android 8.X iOS 10.X iOS 11.X
Safari 11.x
Android OS Default
Firefox 58.x
Chrome 49.x
Opera Mini 8.x

Browser Configurations

For best results, configure your browser to:

  • Accept graphics
  • Accept cookies
  • Allow JavaScript
  • Enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology
  • Save encrypted pages to disk
  • Disable pop-up killer software. and UPS CampusShip use pop-up windows to display/print labels/receipts and for entering new addresses.
  • If using Microsoft Internet Explorer, remove from ‘Compatibility View’ settings

Page Caching in Microsoft Internet Explorer

In addition, if you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer, follow these steps to adjust your page caching:

  • In the toolbar, select ’Tools’
  • Select ‘Internet Options’
  • Under Browsing history select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Every time I visit the web page’
  • Select ‘OK’ then select ‘OK’ again