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How do I set up communications for WorldShip?

  • Configuring Communications:

    When you start WorldShip for the first time, you will see the Communications Setup window. Select ‘Direct Access’ and provide any necessary information to complete the connection setup:

      • A direct connection to the Internet that does not require dialing, such as Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), or cable. Since Direct Access generally offers the fastest connection, UPS recommends this method.
      • You may need to identify the proxy server with the URL address, port, and authorisation information. If a proxy server is used, you must also use specific browser settings.

    Reconfiguring Communications:

        You may need to reconfigure communications if you want to add or remove a connection or if your proxy server settings have changed.

    1. From the Tools tab select More Tools.
    2. Select Communications Setup.
    3. In the Communications Setup window, make the necessary changes and select Next.
    4. Configure making changes as needed. Select Finish to save your new configuration.