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How do I find out the cost of a shipment?

  • How do I find out the cost of a shipment?

    The cost of a shipment is only available the week following shipment. You can locate the charge on your invoice under the corresponding tracking number. Unfortunately, we can not provide an exact charge unless the shipment has been invoiced. To get an approximate cost, use Calculate Time and Cost at or contact UPS using the link at the top of the page.

    In most cases, you can calculate your shipment cost by using the Calculate Time and Cost section of To access this section, select the Shipping tab, then select Calculate Time and Cost from the area at the left, and follow the instructions. If shipment cost information is not available on, contact your local UPS office for this information. To properly estimate the cost of your shipment, UPS requires detailed information such as package size and weight. To speed the time it takes to calculate the cost of your shipment, please gather this information before getting started.