CampusShip Support - Review Company Profile

How To Review and Edit Your Company Profile

Review and revise your initial company information, which was entered in the UPS CampusShip system when your company registered. Confirm the default settings, and to customise the company profile, make changes as needed.

  1. Select the Administration tab, select Manage Company, and go to Modify Company Profile. The Company Location and Contact information displays.
    Note: The name displayed in the User Name field is your company's initial contact person entered when your company was enrolled into UPS CampusShip.
  2. Review and edit the support e-mail and support telephone number that UPS CampusShip users will contact for support.
    Note: Confirm that support contacts are internal to your company and are not UPS Help Desk contacts.
  3. Make sure all required fields (shown in bold) contain acceptable and accurate data. When all the changes have been made, select Update. If the update is not successful, a prompt informs you which fields should be modified or completed.

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