Health Logistics and Clinical Trials with UPS CampusShip

Before you start creating Clinical Trials, it's important to understand the basics of UPS CampusShip Administration.

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How do I create an investigative site location?

Your organisation must first be designated as a Clinical Trials company to create an investigative site location. If it is, then, in the application, you will see a Clinical Trials section at the bottom of the location details screen.

In this section, select the This is a Clinical Trial location option. Once checked, you will see a drop-down that will allow you to select from one of two possible site designations for your investigative site location, either a Research lab or an Investigative Site Clinic.

Once you've set your location as one of those two sites, the setting can't be changed. If you need to change the setting, you'll have to delete the location and start over.

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How do I create and assign users to an investigative site location?

Users can be created and assigned to an investigative site location from the Manage CampusShip User Information screen in the application. Before you create users, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You must create an investigative site location before you can assign users
  • For each user you create, you will need to assign a set of shipping privileges (which will include the valid shipping services that can be used for the Clinical Trial)
  • A phone number is required for investigative site Clinical Trial users

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How do I create company custom package types?

From the application, select View Company Custom Package Type. This will bring you to the Company Custom Packaging Library. From there, you can edit an existing library or create a new one of up to 20 custom package types for your company to describe the packages you ship as part of a Clinical Trial.

From the library summary page, you can edit or create a custom package type. Select Add New Custom Package Type to create a new one, or select an existing package type to edit or delete it.

If your shipment needs to be frozen or refrigerated, you will need to know the separate weight of any dry ice that you send with your package. Any package containing dry ice will be shipped under IATA regulations.

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How do I create a Clinical Trial?

When you create a Clinical Trial in the application, you will first create a unique ID number by which to identify it. You can complete the process by simply following the instructions on the screen. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you do so:

  • You will need to provide a descriptive name for the Clinical Trial in the field provided
  • Once your ID number is verified as unique to your company, you can then assign a research lab that will process medical samples, custom package types valid for the study, UPS shipping services, and any additional options that you need
  • Once the Clinical Trial is created, you can assign investigative sites to it, or create a new Clinical Trial

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