UPS Temperature True®

Four options for temperature-sensitive air and ocean freight

Temperature TrueIn healthcare logistics, UPS knows one size doesn't fit all. Different products have different requirements and moving temperature-sensitive air freight can mean paying for white-glove service you don't need. But now you can get everything your products need--and nothing they don't--with four flexible service options from UPS Temperature True.

By combining our air and ocean freight capabilities and healthcare expertise with end-to-end monitoring and risk-mitigation procedures, UPS Temperature True® offers multiple levels of service for various temperature and transportation speed requirements:

UPS Temperature True Plus provides pharma-level direct air freight routing on qualified pharma carriers for both active and passive shipments. It is ideal for high-value products requiring the strictest of temperature ranges in transit and includes built-in redundancy and contingency planning, proactive monitoring and intervention services to help provide absolute peace of mind.

UPS Temperature True Standard offers priority-level direct air freight service on preferred carriers for passively packaged products, with proactive monitoring and intervention to help expedite delivery and avoid pack-out expiration.

UPS Temperature True Saver moves shipments cost-effectively between continents via FCL ocean freight service with select carriers, using active refrigerated containers and shipment monitoring and intervention services. It is ideal for carrying high volume generics, OTC, and lower-risk pharmaceuticals.

UPS Temperature True Dangerous Goods is available for temperature-sensitive healthcare air freight shipments classified as dangerous goods or hazardous materials and move under IATA and ICAO regulations. Due to temperature control requirements, they receive proactive "milestone monitoring" from UPS global control towers, with escalation and shipment rescue if needed, according to predetermined contingency plans.

Gain greater control over your temperature-sensitive freight shipments

Pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers will appreciate door-to-door transportation based on rigorous quality management and precise, measureable operating procedures.

All UPS Temperature True service levels are supported by:

  • Innovative custom solutions built by a team of dedicated healthcare, cold chain, freight forwarding and quality assurance experts
  • Improved compliance with product, industry and regulatory requirements supervised by our quality assurance team
  • Reliable access to a global network of top-tier carriers
  • Expanded portfolio of thermal containers and covers from most cold chain vendors (including Envirotainer, CSafe, Thermosafe, va-Q-tainer and others)
  • A network of 'control towers' worldwide to monitor critical shipment milestones
  • Quick response by trained agents who employ predefined contingency plans

Other value-added services may include:

  • Expert guidance through customs clearance
  • High-value/high-risk product security procedures
  • Thermal packaging consulting services
  • Collection and delivery in temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Prearranged temporary storage in temperature-controlled environment
  • Dangerous Goods programme fully compliant with IATA regulations

Potential Services Restrictions

Dangerous Goods shipments have the potential for service restrictions and delays, including:

  • Temporary service delays
  • Geographic restrictions or prohibitions
  • Special procedures

UPS Dangerous Goods acceptability listing, restrictions and special conditions can be discussed with the UPS Customer Service department or your local representative. Shipper must fully comply with all regulations.

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