Integrating Shipping Software and APIs

Maximise Revenue and Simplify Shipping

Integrating shipping software and APIs

Streamline your shipping processes and reduce shipment preparation time by integrating UPS technology solutions like WorldShip® or the UPS Developer Kit seamlessly into your business.

WorldShip--our Windows-based shipping software ideal for high-volume shippers or distribution warehouses--can integrate directly into your business systems so it works even better for your company. Or, you can select from a variety of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) included in the UPS Developer Kit to integrate into your backend systems and e-commerce sites, making shipping smooth-sailing for you and your customers.

Either integration solution can help you save time, cut costs, reduce errors, and improve customer service.

Integrating WorldShip Streamlines High-Volume Shipping

For large companies shipping many packages or freight cargo daily, we recommend integrating UPS WorldShip software with your ERP and accounting systems to streamline shipping with real-time connectivity.

  • If you opt to enhance your WorldShip experience with integration, our software can pull internal shipment information from your systems, then return tracking details and transportation costs--no manual processes required.
  • To reduce processing time, costs, and errors, batch-importing order information into WorldShip means there's no need to duplicate effort and re-enter info.
  • Integrating WorldShip with your customer service systems allows for quicker response times. And when your customers are happy, you can be happy, too.

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Integrating APIs Gives You Flexibility with UPS Functionality

By breaking out different UPS functionalities into separate APIs, we've given you the flexibility to decide exactly what your company wants to do on your website and within your business, accounting, and order-entry systems--without the need for new hardware or software. Efficiency is a necessity for businesses, and it's exactly what our Developer Kit offers. We recommend having a programmer on your IT team or a qualified third-party developer implement APIs.

  • If you're looking to save time and improve order accuracy, integrating the Shipping API eliminates duplicate key-entry of customer data and shipment information, and automatically generates labels when orders are placed.
  • To decrease delivery delays and avoid address correction charges, the Address Validation API verifies cities, states, and postal codes. You can even take it one step further with our street-level address validation.
  • For greater customer service, our Rating and Time in Transit APIs let your customers choose which shipping service level they want based on shipping charges and delivery dates, while the Tracking API allows them to track packages directly on your website.

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