Humanitarian Logistics

We work with humanitarian organisations around the world to help low- and middle-income countries get the critical healthcare supplies they need to fight COVID-19, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, reproductive health issues and more.

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Helping get humanitarian supplies aid to those who need it most

Single-Provider Solution

Whether your needs are regional or global or you ship small parcels, freight, or both -- we offer a single integrated global carrier solution with a suite of services that help you execute your humanitarian initiatives from end to end.

Supply Chain Optimisation

We can help you plan your shipments from pick up through to end delivery. We offer routing and re-icing plans, enhanced visibility, contingency planning for potential challenges, and more.

Cold Chain

Our broad cold chain capabilities include packaging, transportation and monitoring of virtually any temperature requirement, be it ambient, 15°C to 25°C, 2°C to 8°C, -20°C to -80°C, or colder.

Compliance Expertise

We bring expertise in clearing duty-free shipments of donated goods, including advanced preparation documents and approval procedures that vary by country.

In-Country Logistics

We provide in-country logistics solutions from planned national distribution to ad-hoc solutions like temporary warehousing. We vet local partners to ensure they are successful businesses that support the economy by employing local talent and labour.

Humanitarian Logistics at Work

Here are some of the ways we have collaborated with organisations serving low- and middle-income countries to improve access to critical healthcare initiatives.

  • COVID-19 vaccines being administered as part of a humanitarian initiative in a lower income nation.

    1. Enabling COVID-19 Infrastructure

    We help lower income countries implement logistics solutions so they can receive, store, distribute, and administer frozen and ultra-cold COVID-19 vaccines and commodities.

    Any questions? You are welcome to contact us.
  • A UPS team member on a motorcycle delivers a refrigerated box of critical healthcare supplies.

    2. Developing Last Mile Solutions

    We consult with NGOs and ministries of health on last mile delivery solutions that help close the gap between healthcare commodities and the people who need them.

    Any questions? You are welcome to contact us.
  • A UPS Wingcopter UAV drone delivers urgent healthcare supplies to a remote village.

    3. Delivering to Remote Locations

    Our UAV (drone) delivery programmes can help get pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other health commodities to harder-to-reach populations.

    Any questions? You are welcome to contact us.
  • A UPS team member managing quality assurance in a cold chain storage facility.

    4. Safeguarding Biological Samples

    We collaborate with ministries of health and NGO partners to redesign supply chains and implement technology to support biological sample handling.

    Any questions? You are welcome to contact us.
  • A globe with trails of light from city to city illustrating UPS Healthcare tracking and visibility solutions.

    5. Implementing Visibility Solutions

    We are working to implement tracking and monitoring technology solutions that enhance visibility in the low-resource areas we serve.

    Any questions? You are welcome to contact us.
  • Pallets of donated healthcare supplies awaiting customs clearance.

    6. Continuously Improving Logistics

    We work with procurement agents, donors and ministries of health to continuously enhance humanitarian logistics solutions for HIV, malaria and reproductive health programmes in low-income countries.

    Any questions? You are welcome to contact us.

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