Cold Chain Storage

Whether your cold chain inventory requires -2°C to -8°C, -20°C to -80°C, or cryo storage, our combination of scale, experience, and quality assurance helps keep your temperature-sensitive healthcare goods safe, viable, and ready to ship.

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Advanced frozen and cold storage solutions

Cold Chain Storage Expertise

Don’t leave the viability of your critical healthcare goods to chance. With 20+ years of healthcare experience, we can help you plan for the right cold chain storage infrastructure to support your needs.

Global Storage Network

Whatever your footprint, we can manage your frozen and cold storage inventory through our extensive network of Cold Chain Storage facilities strategically located near key transportation hubs across the globe.

Scale and Buying Power

When you need to get a freezer farm up and running quickly, leverage our global scale and buying clout to ensure you get advanced cold chain storage capabilities at a competitive rate.

Quality Assurance

Our VAWD and ISO certified cold storage warehouse facilities go through validation and temperature mapping and are monitored with real-time physical and digital alerts to minimise excursion risk.

Advanced Contingency Planning

If any sign of a potential excursion presents itself, our team stands ready to intervene with a configurable recovery protocol we set up with you in advance.

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UPS Healthcare™ Cold Chain at Work

See how our cold chain capabilities help get complex pharmaceuticals out to the world safely.

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How to optimise your cold chain for biologics

Four best practices to incorporate into your cold chain system for sensitive biologics.

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