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Get helpful information on your parcel’s whereabouts, options for changing your delivery, filing a claim and more.

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Delivery Changes Happen

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See what options you have to reroute, hold or cancel your delivery so we can make sure that we’re getting it to you when and where you need it.

Delivery Change Options

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I Have an Issue with My Delivery

If you can’t find your parcel or it’s damaged, we’ll investigate. If we can’t find it, we’ll issue a claim. 

  • Your parcel shows as delivered but you can’t find it.
  • It’s been several days since your parcel was scanned and it is late.
  • Your parcel arrived damaged or broken. 
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UPS Flight Information System

UPS Flight Information System enables customers to access the flight information 48 hours after the shipment has been exported and/or imported. Customers can check up to 200 shipment ID or package ID per time. You will be able to find the following information: 

  • Shipment Date
  • Shipment ID (Airway Bill Number)
  • Package ID/Tracking Number
  • Flight/Vehicle Number
  • Transport Mode
  • Port
  • Master Airway Number/Customs Cargo Reference Number
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