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Pricing for Value-Added Services

Select any value-added service for more information. Charges for these services are in addition to shipping charges. Pricing may vary at retail locations.

Value-added options for air freight services are listed separately.

View Value-Added Services for Air Freight

Value-Added ServicePricing
Delivery Services
  • HK$17.00 per package
  • HK$110.00 per delivery
  • Free of charge to countries where Saturday is a business day
  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight services will only be available in selected destinations in United States and Canada and will be charged at HK$1,705.00 per shipment
Saturday Processing Fee (US-origin shipments)
  • HK$125.00 per shipment
  • Delivery Confirmation Signature Required: HK$18.00 per shipment
  • Delivery Confirmation Adult
    Signature Required:
    HK$32.00 per shipment

Free of charge

Free of charge

Payment Collection/Fixed Rate Pricing

Based on fixed rate and destination zone

Based on terms of contract

Declared Value
  • For shipments with a declared value of more than HK$777.00, HK$16.30 for each additional HK$777.00 or fraction thereof
  • Freight Collect shipment charges are billed to the consignee
  • UPS Print Return Label: HK$8.00 per label
  • UPS Electronic Return Label: HK$12.00 per label
  • UPS Print and Mail Return Label: HK$22.00 per label
  • Print Label: HK$8.00 per label
  • Electronic Label: HK$12.00 per label
  • Print and Mail Label: HK$22.00 per label
  • Commercial Invoice Removal: HK$155.00
Shipment/Clearance Consolidation

Based on terms of contract

Based on terms of contract

Note: Some services are subject to a fuel surcharge. View current fuel surcharge rates.

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  • Pricing for Value-Added Services

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