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ConnectShip Warehouse (Shipping Application)

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Get a shipping system that connects with your existing operation and infrastructure to best meet your business needs. With ConnectShip solutions, you'll increase flexibility and visibility, and streamline tasks from ordering, tracking and accounting, straight through returns processes and billing with integrated and automated shipping processes. 

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Who This Is For

Companies who ship 50-10,000+ packages daily and want a cloud-based shipping management system to interface with their existing business systems.

ConnectShip Warehouse (Shipping Application)

Whether managing shipping from a single workstation or requiring collaboration across multiple teams, systems and locations, ConnectShip can be customised to accommodate your unique business functions and rules for shipping, including rules for multiple carriers. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with other business systems and scale to support growth of your business, markets, locations and operations. ConnectShip can deeply integrate to TMS (transportation management systems), WMS (warehouse mgmt. system), ERP (enterprise resource planning software such as Oracle or SAP), order management and e-commerce systems.

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