Protecting Your Valuable Shipments

Safety is a Choice You Make

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Missing shipments or damaged goods are the last things you want to happen when it comes to shipping valuable jewellery to your customers. Your shipments are expensive investment pieces, so protect them along the journey.

Choosing the right logistics partner is the first step to mitigating these risks. At UPS, we offer solutions to ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time. Depend on us for the details, so you can concentrate on your core business and improve customer satisfaction.

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Who Is This For?

Retailers and suppliers who want to import or export jewellery products reliably 

Solutions for Jewellery Shipments

UPS’s logistics solutions readily fulfill the needs of our customers who are shipping jewellery across the globe. We offer UPS Customised Declared Value (iCDV) which provides an extra level of protection for your high-value, time-sensitive goods, for peace of mind. Additional solutions such as UPS Returns®, Paperless Invoice and customised express boxes are available to make managing your supply chain more efficient and effortless.

For more information on the maximum shipment value and declared value for selected origins and destinations, please refer to (Restrictions for general shipments apply).

Mitigate Shipment Risks

With UPS Customised Declared Value (iCDV), we’ll provide coverage up to the invoice values of your goods with no up-front costs or deposits needed. With this solution, you will be well protected from any financial losses due to jewellery loss or damage.

Hassle-Free Returns

We all know processing returns can be troublesome. However, UPS Returns® can make this your competitive advantage. Your customers can expect reliable and fuss-free returns, and meeting their expectations can increase their loyalty to your business. Gain greater control and visibility with our solutions to speed up your returns efficiency. UPS Returns can help you create and deliver commercial invoices with return labels at low-cost, provide retail customers with flexible, easy-to-understand return process, and minimise the risk of sending return shipments to the wrong warehouse/ repair centers.

Seamless Customs Clearance

UPS Paperless™ Invoice eliminates the need for paper commercial invoices and seamlessly transmits commercial invoice data to enable clearance by customs offices across the globe. Additionally, UPS Paperless Invoice keeps customs values confidential to protect shipments from potential package theft.

Customised Packaging for Your Jewellery Shipment

You now have two packaging options for your jewellery shipment: UPS Express Box Small and Medium. You can now choose whatever best fits for your shipment optimised protection and cost-effectiveness!