UPS Help Centre: Planning API Integration

Before you get started with API integration, examine the following steps to help you determine expense and development time. These steps take into account both business and technical planning processes.

Planning for API Integration:

  • Map and document business processes and pain points.
  • Detail business needs and document the software functionality required to address pain points.
  • Identify appropriate APIs to meet business needs.
  • Request estimates from IT staff on whether to build or buy technology.
  • Determine developer skill level required for XML or Web Service coding.
  • Evaluate cost and time to integrate the APIs (build) or purchase software with APIs integrated (buy). Evaluation should include:
    • Number and type of platforms and systems impacted
    • High level impacts to interfaces and internal processing logic of each system
    • Number of APIs to be integrated
  • Complete cost benefit analysis, including support.
  • Make a decision to build or buy based on estimated cost and time to integrate APIs.

If you decide to 'build' or integrate the APIs yourself, select the link Access Instructions for Developers to continue.

Access Instructions for Developers