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How to track your parcel

Seamless tracking across borders

How to track your parcel

Whether you ship occasionally or on a regular basis, nationally or internationally, as a business owner you want full visibility of your parcels’ movements along the entire shipping journey, and so do your customers.

Track your delivery from the moment it leaves you until it reaches its destination and find your parcel’s current whereabouts with the quick and simple tracking tool.

Both you and your customers can check the shipment’s status at any time, from anywhere, at no extra cost, and stay in the loop about unexpected delays – and all in a few simple steps:

1. Simply head to our tracking application and enter your tracking number. You can track up to 25 parcels at once.

 You can recognise a tracking number easily. It always starts with 1Z and is composed of 25 characters in total.

2. If you are already signed up with a User ID, tracking is also available under the personalised dashboard. Simply log into your dashboard to see a quick overview of your last 10 shipments or detailed tracking information with the latest status of your parcels.

You can also set-up tracking alerts to keep a close eye on the progress of your delivery. If you’re on the move you can opt for SMS notifications.

Your deliveries, your schedule

We know running a business can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to managing your shipments. Take control of your deliveries with UPS My Choice® and benefit from a full view of all of your outbound shipments at a glance.

Available on desktop and mobile, proactively monitor your parcels’ whereabouts and keep your customer in the loop about any unexpected delays at any time, from anywhere.

Take the burden off your shoulders and add multiple users from your company to your My Choice account so you can focus on what’s truly important: running your business.

UPS My Choice for Business benefits at a glance:

Manage all your outbound shipments from an interactive dashboard.

Proactively monitor outbound shipments to keep your customers in the loop

Add multiple users within your company

Signing up for UPS My Choice for business is always free

Sign Up for UPS My Choice for businessOpen the link in a new window

Convenience and transparency for your customers

Did you know that 94% of online shoppers track at least some parcels, and 59% track their anticipated parcels through the carrier’s website?

Your customers are busy and don’t have all day to wait for a delivery. Give them control over their deliveries with UPS My Choice for home and let them plan deliveries to better fit their schedule by changing how, when, where and even to whom their parcels are delivered.

UPS My Choice for Home at a glance:

Get estimated and confirmed delivery windows.

Track and manage multiple parcels at once

Receive real-time delivery alerts

Leave driver instructions

Plan deliveries around their schedule

Route parcels to a UPS Access Point location for convenient collection

Deliveries on your customers scheduleOpen the link in a new window

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