Pain in the Chain

Embracing Risk: It's Time to Capitalise on Untapped Opportunities

The 2014 UPS Pain in the (Supply) Chain Healthcare Survey

Pain in the (Supply) Chain

Rapidly expanding global access to healthcare is creating an environment ripe for expansion. So what's holding healthcare firms back?
This year's UPS Pain in the Chain survey reveals a correlation between an informed approach risk and the rewards of global success.
A misperception of risk may diminish healthcare logistics executives' appetite for upgrading their supply chain capabilities and capitalizing on new markets.
Inaction may eventually leave decision makers with supply chains that do not have the capacity to turn new opportunity into profit.
Rarely do market conditions align to create such promise. The economic outlook is improving. Access to healthcare is increasing. And first-class global logistics networks make the entire world a marketplace.
This is a key moment for healthcare firms. Those quickest to move will be fastest to succeed, but hesitation may come with a price.
The time to act is now.

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