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UPS TradeAbility®

Make the Most Out of Global Trade Opportunities


Gain the competitive advantage by anticipating and managing trade regulations compliance and researching international partners with UPS TradeAbility. Get access to up-to-date regulations, licensing information, watch lists and forms, or store your commodity information in our online product catalogue.

Our suite of free information-based services helps you to manage the movement of goods effectively across international borders. Find harmonised tariff codes, landed cost estimates, compliance information and more, all from a single web interface or use our web service technology to integrate UPS TradeAbility services into your website or back-end systems.


Learn About How to Integrate UPS TradeAbility into Your Website

Web-Based Tools: Improve Trade Compliance and Your Business

Enhance your international trade compliance and avoid fines or sanctions when you make use of these UPS TradeAbility features:

Landed Cost - Estimate the cost of your international shipment, including duties, customs fees and taxes. Forecast net profitability, minimise returned orders and better serve your customers.

  • Use the UPS TradeAbility Harmoniser to help obtain the current tariff codes for your products
  • Calculate UPS package shipping rates to include as part of your Landed Cost estimates
  • Access product information stored in your UPS TradeAbility Product List to help determine landed cost
  • Store and access Landed Cost transaction details for 90 days
  • Access online at or integrate using our Web Services technology

Denied Party Screener - Identify restricted individuals and companies before you ship to them.

  • Updated daily
  • Screens for embargoed countries too
  • Denied Party Screener transaction details are stored, and can be accessed for up to 90 days
  • Access a list of U.S. Government Agency Sources used by the Denied Party Screener

International Forms - Keep up with ever-changing international laws and regulations. Get online access to essential forms to help fulfil your international shipping needs.

  • Complete forms online
  • Browse a comprehensive library of PDF documents to assist you with export and import shipments

Harmoniser - Get quick access to country-specific tariff codes from one source so you don't have to manually research relevant information or purchase reference materials on each individual country or territory.

  • A single product can be harmonised across multiple countries
  • Organise and store up to 1,000 products
  • Tariff codes can be saved in your Product List for use in other UPS TradeAbility services
  • Integrated into the Landed Cost and Import Compliance services

Export Licence Detector - Get the latest U.S. export licence requirements based on destination country or commodity information, reducing the risk of fines and sanctions.

  • Licence detector for U.S. exports
  • Timely data updates to provide best available export licence information
  • Export Licence Detector transaction details are stored, and can be accessed for up to 90 days
  • Access online at or integrate using our Web Services technology

Import Compliance - Reduce border delays by maximising compliance with country-specific trade relations, procedures and restrictions before you import.

  • Product information can be accessed for use in Import Compliance
  • Online access to the product Harmoniser to obtain the current tariff codes for your products
  • Import Compliance transaction details will be stored, and can be accessed for up to 90 days
  • Access online at or integrate using our Web Services technology

Tariff Code Validation - Helps to ensure the accuracy of your product catalogue tariff codes and gives you the ability to:

  • Verify (actual) tariff codes for more accurate landed cost estimation.
  • Eliminate the need to fully harmonise your Product List by dynamically building the list by suggesting tariff codes from actual shipments.
  • Create an automated product classification process, eliminating the need to explore constantly changing tariff code schedules.

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