UPS Proactive Response® Secure

Advanced protection for high-value, time-sensitive and temperature-controlled shipments.

When it comes to time- and temperature-sensitive shipments, delays and damages can prove costly to your business's reputation and bottom line. Protect your valuable shipments with UPS Proactive Response® Secure, an industry first solution that monitors your shipment 24/7, initiates any needed corrective actions and covers potential losses.

With UPS Proactive Response® Secure, we obtain advanced tracking information for your shipments and our agents assess the information to determine if any network milestones are missed. In the unlikely event that weather conditions or other unforeseen events jeopardise the delivery of your shipment, UPS will respond automatically according to predefined instructions to get your package back on track.

From rerouting and dry ice replenishment to Saturday upgrade and same-day courier deliveries, we offer a broad range of recovery solutions that can be tailored to your needs. Should we be unable to rescue your package, we will automatically reimburse you for your product's loss or damages up to the value stated in your UPS Proactive Response® Secure customer agreement.

And while we intervene to bring your package back on track, we'll keep you informed of every step we take so that you can provide full visibility and a superior service experience to your customer. With our help, you'll mitigate the expense of product loss, improve your customer service and protect your brand.

Manage and Monitor Your Healthcare Supply Chain with UPS Technology

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