UPS Ready® Support - Enterprise Resource Planning

Select from approved UPS Ready Programme providers who integrate UPS technology into their business applications and software solutions.

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AQXOLT offers a single powerful ERP application suite with its ERP MARK 7 product, AQXOLT has integrated UPS functionality into its suite of on-demand ERP Mark 7 application that gives a company's real-time information on internal core business processes operating across the entire organisation. Customers using the integrated solution can easily access critical shipping information without having to leave ERP MARK 7 or go to another website.

UPS integrated functionality adds a new level of customer service and functionality to a company's enterprise and web applications on a global scale. Companies that use ERP MARK 7 can now offer their customers the following UPS functionalities: UPS Tracking, UPS Rates & Service Selection, UPS Time in Transit, UPS Address Validation and UPS Shipping.

AQXOLT is committed to applying the latest technology to enable our customers' e-business endeavours. By working with UPS, we can now bring you the most innovative transportation solutions for the edge you need.

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NetSuite is a fully-integrated web-based software application that runs your entire business, from ERP, CRM to Web operations, giving everyone in your company a complete, real-time view of the information needed. NetSuite has integrated UPS OnLine® Tools to streamline the exchange of data among separate order management, logistics and customer service systems.

Key shipping information such as customer orders and status updates is provided to sales, service and warehousing personnel, ensuring that each department views the same accurate data. Employees never have to leave the NetSuite application to access the integrated UPS Shipping API. Instead, they can do all UPS shipping and tracking from within the application. The system automatically calculates shipping rates, generates UPS tracking numbers, validates addresses and prints UPS shipping labels.

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xCarrier® for SAP is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide native shipping and manifesting SAP solution. UPS technology and services are integrated into the xCarrier® for a SAP solution at no additional cost. This empowers SAP customers to perform UPS-compliant shipping directly from within SAP, thereby eliminating redundant business processes.

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