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How do I set up the ZT230 Thermal Label printer to use with WorldShip?

  • To use the ZT230 Thermal Printer with WorldShip®, the printer driver must be installed and configured.

    Note: If you are using a USB port, the printer should be powered on and plugged into the PC so that Windows can automatically install the UPS WorldShip printer driver for the ZT230 printer.

    If you are using a Serial (COM port) or Parallel (LPT port) connection, please follow the instructions below about Adding a Windows Printer.

    Install the printer driver using Windows ADD PRINTERS:

    1. Select Start and then select Devices and Printers.
    2. Double click on the Add Printer icon to launch the Printer Wizard.
    3. Select the option that describes the attached printer and then select Next. Follow the prompts.
    4. On the Install the Printer Driver window, select Zebra and then select the printer model on the right. Select the most recent version and then follow the prompts.

    If Zebra is not visible on the Install the Printer Driver window:

    1. Select Have Disk and then open the Browse window.
    2. Look for the directory where WorldShip printer drivers are installed (usually UPS/WSTD/FOSS/Drivers/Eltron/ZBRN), select either the 32-bit or 64-bit folder, and then select the ZBRN.inf file.
    3. Select Open On Install From Disk and select OK.
    4. Highlight the printer (ZT230).
    5. Select Next and then follow the prompts.
    6. Once the printer driver is installed, restart WorldShip.

    To select the printer:

    1. Select the Printing Activities tab.
    2. Select Printing Setup.
    3. Enter a Printer ID and select Add.
    4. Select the Change Label Printer button.
    5. Highlight the Zebra ZT230 printer.
    6. Choose the Select button.
    7. When you return to the Label Printer Setup screen, check the Generic Thermal Printer box.
    8. Choose the Label Stock Dimensions.
    9. Select the Apply button.