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What is a Quantum View Manage custom view?

  • A custom view includes shipment information tailored to your use so you see only the information you need, in the order you want it. You can create Outbound, Inbound, Alternate Billing and Imports custom views.

    Custom views can be created by selecting the desired view type (Outbound, Inbound, Alternate Billing or Imports) from the menu area, selecting the Custom Views menu item, and selecting the Create New Custom View link on the Custom Views page. Set your custom view criteria (Date Range, Service, etc.), and enter a unique View Name so you can re-use this view again later. You can also choose which shipment elements you want in the view by selecting Define Detail. You can save up to 99 unique custom views of each type (Inbound, Outbound, Alternate Billing or Imports).

    The custom views you create and save are listed on the Custom Views page for each view type. You can access this page by selecting Outbound, Inbound, Alternate Billing or Imports from the menu area, then selecting Custom Views.