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How do I retrieve my Quantum View Data files?

  • Quantum View Data files are posted up to hourly to for downloading. The file download is secured and password-protected. After logging on, you can select the files you would like to download. Files are available for download for seven days after posting. After seven days, you can no longer access files. There is no limit to the size of a requested download. Download times will increase with the size of the downloaded files.

    Quantum View Data File Name Format
    Files listed as ready for download are named based on the date and time they were created. The naming format is as follows:


    • mm = month
    • dd = day of the month
    • yyyy = the four digit year
    • hh = hour
    • mm = minute
    • ss = second
    • ### = File segment identifier (used to locate and describe the data)

    You can receive an e-mail notification when you have a file ready to download by selecting this feature during the subscription process or later in your subscription details.