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What should I do when UPS sends me a Damage/Loss Notification letter?

Within the U.S. or Canada:
Once you receive the Damage/Loss Notification letter, choose the most convenient from the options below. Follow the steps set out under the option you choose. 

Option 1: Complete the process online

  1. Check the status of your claim. Either select Check Status in the area to the left and complete the required fields, or choose Claims History in the area to the left and complete the required fields.
  2. Select Update Claim and Submit Documents, and follow the instructions provided. 

Option 2: Complete the process offline

  1. Complete the Request for Claim Payment form using black ink. Provide the lesser of your actual cost, replacement cost if the merchandise can be replaced, or repair cost if the merchandise can be repaired. You can also request reimbursement of transportation charges. Note that reimbursable transportation costs do not include declared value fees, adjustments, or refunds. Please also include a contact name and telephone number in case we need to contact you.
  2. Attach a copy of the original invoice or other certified proof in writing sufficient to identify the package contents and substantiate the lesser of the actual cost, replacement cost, or repair cost of the merchandise.
  3. Send the bar-coded Request for Claim Payment form as a fax cover page, along with the required documents listed, to the fax number on the Damage/Loss Notification letter.

Note: If you cannot fax your claims documents, you can send documents by mail to the address listed on your Damage/Loss Notification Letter.

Outside the U.S. or Canada:
Please contact UPS Customer Service regarding package damage and loss. The UPS Customer Service phone number can be found by selecting Contact UPS below.

Contact UPS