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How do I cancel my UPS Billing Centre enrolment?

  • The Company Administrator can cancel UPS Billing Centre enrolment for some or all accounts enrolled in the UPS Billing Centre. 

    Before cancelling, Company Administrators should consider that users will no longer have access to the benefits of having an account enrolled in the UPS Billing Centre, including:

    • A single online location to view, manage and pay UPS invoices
    • Receipt of invoices days earlier than paper invoices sent through the mail
    • 24/7 access from anywhere with Internet connectivity
    • Access to billing information in multiple formats, such as online, PDF and CSV
    • Retain up to one year of invoices online
    • Helps the environment by eliminating the need for paper

    If, after considering these benefits, the Company Administrator wants to pursue cancelling enrolment in the UPS Billing Centre, the following steps should be taken:

    1. Select the Administration tab.
    2. Select the Cancel Enrolment link located in the upper right-hand side of the Company Users screen.
    3. The Cancel Enrolment pop-up window will display.
    4. The Company Administrator will be required to select a valid reason for cancellation. If "Other" is selected, the comments are mandatory. If not, comments are optional.
    5. The Company Administrator will be required to select one or more UPS Shipper Account Numbers. Select the box to the left of the Account Number.

     Enrolment will be cancelled for each of the accounts selected on the Cancel Enrolment form. Once a UPS Billing Centre enrolment is cancelled for a specific account, no new invoices for that account will be made available in the UPS Billing Centre, but users will still be able to log in to view, pay, and adjust any invoices received prior to cancellation.