UPS Billing Centre Administration Support

Becoming the Company Administrator

If you are the first person at your account to enrol in the UPS Billing Centre, then by default you become the Company Administrator.

Once enrolled, the Company Administrator can assign administrator rights to other enrolled users. If a new user is added to the Company and assigned an Administrator role, that user will have access to all accounts and invoices in the Billing Centre Company.

Administrator Responsibilities

The Company Administrator is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the company and user profile information.
  • Adding and deleting users.
  • Maintaining banking information.

Add a New User

After a Company Administrator is established during the initial enrolment, additional users can be added by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the UPS Billing Centre
  2. Select the Company tab in the Administration section
  3. Select Add New User in the Company user screen
  4. Provide the requested information as well as the role/authority assigned to the user:
    • View only
    • View and adjust
    • View and pay
    • View, pay, and adjust
    • Plan Manager
    • Administrator
  5. Once completed, a success message will be displayed

Remove a User

To delete a user from the UPS Billing Centre:

  1. Log in to UPS Billing Centre
  2. Select Users from the Administration drop-down menu
  3. Select Delete next to the user ID in the Manage Entry column
  4. Select Delete to confirm the deletion of the ID from the Billing Centre company

Assigning Roles

In the Administration area under the Users tab, a Company Administrator can assign a role to new users or existing users. To change the role for an existing user:

  1. Select the Edit link for the user
  2. Select the new role for the user
  3. Select the Update button

To assign a role when creating a new user:

  1. Select the Add New User button
  2. Select the role for the user
  3. Select the Next button
  4. Confirm the information and select the Submit button

Administrators can view their profile/role and the profile of all others enrolled by navigating to the Company User section under the Administration tab. Non-administrator users cannot view their roles.

Transferring Administrator Role

In order to cancel or delete a Company Administrator, the current Company Administrator must set up a new administrator.

Once this is done, the existing administrator profile can be deleted or the levels of authority can be updated.

Adjusting Notification Preferences

To view or update your e-mail notification preferences in the UPS Billing Centre:

  1. Select the Administration tab
  2. Select the Notification tab
  3. Select the types of e-mail notifications you would like to receive
  4. Select the Update button