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CampusShip Admin Help

Welcome to Administration Help

As a Company Administrator, you will soon have your employees shipping more efficiently - right from their desks. UPS CampusShip puts automated, on-line shipping directly in the hands of people who do the shipping, saving time and reducing costs.

This section explains how to set up, launch, and manage UPS CampusShip, and it provides answers to frequently asked questions. Once you complete the setup and launch, you can manage all the shipping - and shipping privileges - throughout your company. UPS CampusShip gives your employees more shipping responsibilities while you manage what they ship and how they ship it.

With detailed shipping information, administrative flexibility, and easy expandability, UPS CampusShip improves your business efficiency and gives you overall control of your company's shipping.

Before You Begin

Before using UPS CampusShip, you will need to make a few decisions and provide some basic information, including

Setup Overview

Once your UPS CampusShip representative has enrolled your company, you will receive two e-mails

UPS CampusShip Support Documents

The UPS CampusShip Guide for Administrators and Shippers will help you and your employees use the shipping system.