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United States to Serbia

Country or Territory Regulations Topics:

Commodity Specific Stipulations

There are special stipulations on the following commodities when shipping to Serbia. If you plan to ship one of the commodities listed below, be sure to adhere to the following stipulations in order to avoid delays and holds at customs.

Data shipments to Serbia require an invoice with the value of the CD-ROM or disk only.
The invoice must include the description of the part, its components, and the machine that uses the part.
Shipments of smoked salmon require a veterinary certificate.
Shipments of textiles require a Certificate of Origin.
Data shipments require an invoice with the character of the USB stick (storing intercompany data) and the value of the USB Stick.

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

Private Individuals can receive shipments containing Cosmetics only for private usage (as a gift or deminimis value). Quantity of pieces/cosmetics and way of packaging must obviously show that import is for private usage. Samples for private persons are not allowed.

If Consignee wants to import cosmetics to Serbia (samples for testing or regular import) must be registered as a Company and additional sanitary inspection is required.

Private individuals cannot import medicines (drugs).
Electronic Cigarettes can only be shipped with an International Special Commodities (ISC) contract.

A Sanitary Check will be carried out before import into Serbia.

Private individuals can not import food supplements.
Private individuals cannot import medicines (drugs).
Products made in Iran are prohibited in our service due to a current embargo.

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