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Japan to Thailand

Country Regulations Topics:

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

In addition to the prohibited commodities listed here, it is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Thailand.

Import of Alcoholic beverages into Thailand is permitted via ISC contract service.

Personal purchase - maximum quantity of ten (10) liters.

Electronic Cigarettes are prohibited.
Any form of toy gun or gun replica is prohibited.
The consignee must acquire an Import License prior to the import of any jewelry items of gold. Gold items are controlled by the government under the Customs and Currency Exchange Act. A surcharge of 2,500 BHT may be imposed for jewelry shipments importing into Thailand when the airline charges United Parcel Service for the additional cost of a master airway bill. High risk export shipments over 100 USD in value, containing jewelry, precious metals including silver and gold plate, are to be shipped in metal cases covered by corrugated boxes.
Thai airways only accept Lithium Battery as follows:

Lithium Ion batteries section II of PI966 and PI967

Lithium Metal batteries section II of PI969 and PI970

Personal Effects cannot be shipped between these countries

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