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Japan to Saudi Arabia

Country Regulations Topics:

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

In addition to the prohibited commodities listed here, it is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Saudi Arabia.

Alcoholic Beverages are strictly prohibited for import into Saudi Arabia.
Antiques are prohibited
Artwork is prohibited
These items may be held by the Ministry of Information for several days prior to release. If considered offensive they may be destroyed. The Holy Quran is prohibited for import.
As per Saudi Customs, Electronic Cigarettes can only be imported for personal use and any commercial quantity exceeding 1/2 pieces will be subject to shipment hold and automatic RTS with charges being billed back to origin country.

Any items or goods that could be used to gamble (including playing cards, dice, slot machine, roulette, etc.)are prohibited for importing to Saudi Arabia.
Planes; Drones;Helicopters (remote controlled)

Any remote controlled Planes/Drones/Helicopters are strictly forbidden for importation into Saudi Arabia. Shipment will be seized by customs and a penalty will be levied on UPS. The same charges will be reversed to the shipper.

Mobile cover imitations or mobile accessories of any brand which are not original or branded, are not allowed and Customs will impose penalty on consignee and if refused. The same will be charged back to the origin country.
Narcotics are prohibited
Commercial perfume shipments clearance is done based on the Central Lab analysis. Shipper must send original commercial invoice and certificate of origin, both must be attested by Chamber of Commerce at origin.

All ingredients and constituents must be listed on the packs, bottles, cans or containers.

The country of production must be affixed in irremovable manner on the packs, bottles, cans or containers and on the outer package as well.

Personal Effects cannot be shipped between these countries
Pornographic material, including toys or any item of a sexual nature, is strictly prohibited.
Bibles and other religious items are strictly prohibited.
The importation of commodities like toys, jewelry or garments showing religious symbols are strictly prohibited.
Satellite communications equipment is subject to inspection by the Ministry of Information and may be prohibited.
Satellite cards and internet cards are strictly prohibited and will incur a fine of approximately US$1,500.00 for each item imported.
Tobacco imports are prohibited.

Only small quantities for personal use are allowed to be imported with an approval of the Saudi Food & Drugs Administration.

Human or animal toy figures that resemble an idol are prohibited. Toys or sample items of any military nature are also prohibited.

In addition, the importation of toys showing religious symbols is strictly prohibited.

Used car parts are prohibited for import
Samsung or any other watch which includes a camera is not allowed in Saudi Arabia and Customs will impose penalty on consignee and if refused, the same will be charged back to the origin country.
Firearms and accessories thereof are prohibited from import into Saudi Arabia. This includes parts, holsters, manuals, books, training accessories, targets, etc. Anything related to guns is prohibited.

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