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Japan to Kuwait

Country Regulations Topics:

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

In addition to the prohibited commodities listed here, it is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Kuwait.

The import of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
Bodybuilding supplements need to be imported by a licensed person. The importing company should have an import license and have the required documents from the Ministry of Health.

Bodybuilding supplements comes directly under the control of customs, if any approvals or testing is required it is given to the Ministry Of Health for further investigation.

Private individuals cannot apply for such licenses therefore, only licensed companies are allowed to import bodybuilding supplements.

KW is not an International Special Community (ISC) destination country. Electronic cigarettes cant be shipped to KW.

Original documentation,Approvals From the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment and Import license is required to import into Kuwait.

Goods originating in Israel are prohibited.
Shipments of jewelry require Ministry of Commerce approval. UPS presents the jewelry to the Ministry, the Ministry inspects the jewelry, and then the Ministry issues a stamp of approval. This process applies to all gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. Clearance may be delayed 4 to 5 working days.

Jewelry that is below 14 karats is prohibited and will be seized by the Ministry

Shipments of Lithium Metal Batteries are prohibited on Emirates Airlines flights which UPS uses to this destination country.

Alternative arrangements are in place, but expect transit delays if the normal planned flow of the package is via Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Time in Transit may be extended due to solution found.

Any kind of medication which are directly categorized as health items are subject to special treatment, which may include nutritional supplements, herbs, capsules and cosmetics.

Shipments of medicine require approval from the Ministry of Health. The consignee must obtain the approval and provide it to customs. If the consignee fails to provide the approval within five days or if the Ministry of Health requests the shipment for physical inspection, the shipment will be transferred to the Ministry of Health by the customs authorities. In both cases, it is the consignees obligation to collect the shipment at the Ministry if its finally released for importation. Delays may occur.

Shipments of medicine addressed to private individuals require a temporary import license, a prescription from doctor (med.) and an approval from the Ministry of Health. The documents must be available prior to shipping. Copies of these documents should be part of the shipping documents.

Kuwait does not have a temperature controlled facility, therefore medicine that requires a temperature controlled storage should not be accepted for shipping to Kuwait.

When arriving in Kuwait, the shipments are transferred to the Ministry of Health where the consignee must have customs clear the shipments based on the above mentioned documents. After clearance the consignee can pick up the commodities. The clearance of these types of commodities takes up to 8 days. Nutritional supplements can be classified as medicine. Please see additional information under 'food supplements'.

Military items can be shipped addressed to the Ministries of the Interior or Defense, Camp Doha, U.S. Military or Air Force. Exempted from all duties and taxes. Military items are prohibited to be sent to private individuals.
Personal Effects cannot be shipped between these countries
The import of Snus are prohibited for Kuwait.
Shipments of vitamins cannot be imported by private individuals or companies. Only the company Genoa General Trading Company is the authorized importer for any kind of nutritional supplements, vitamins and food supplements with physiological effects, typically used by body builders and athletes.

Shipments destined to importers other than Genoa must be returned or abandoned.

NOTE: Information provided by UPS is provided AS IS, may not be current, and does not constitute legal advice. In no event shall UPS be liable for any errors in the information, forms or features made available by UPS, or by any third party site linked to from UPS. Selection and completion of proper forms for any given shipment is the sole responsibility of the shipper. All shipments are subject to the UPS Terms and Conditions of Service in effect at the time of shipping for the country of origin.
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