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Japan to Egypt

Country Regulations Topics:

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

In addition to the prohibited commodities listed here, it is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Egypt.

Shipments containing alcoholic beverages will be inspected by Egyptian customs authorities. A notification letter will be sent to notify the consignee of the shipment. The consignee has to pay a document control fee for the customs clearance. For the import of alcoholic beverages, a Health Certificate and an Analysis Certificate is required from the export country.

If the value of the alcoholic beverages exceeds US$2,000.00 a Certificate of Origin is also required from the export country and the importer has to provide an import license for the commercial import.

For non-commercial shipments to private individuals, one bottle of alcoholic beverages can be imported without the Health Certificate, Analysis Certificate and Certificate of Origin. The Customs rate and VAT rate on alcohol are very high. The Egyptian Customs rate is 3000 % of the value of the alcoholic beverage. The VAT rate is 100% the sum of the value of the alcoholic beverage and the Customs rate.

Antique shipments are restricted from Europe, the Middle East and Africa and can only be shipped with an International Special Commodities (ISC) contract. Antiques are defined as a work of art, piece of furniture, decorative object, or silverware, object of religious character or any other commodity that is 100 years old or older.

The consignee has to obtain an approval of the Ministry of Antiques and Archaeologies for customs clearance. Delays and additional costs may occur.

Subject to either approval or not as per Ministry Authorities.

Electronic Devices associated with cameras

Any electronic device or items like aeroplane kites, pens, sunglasses, equipped with cameras that might also have a spy entity view are strictly prohibited to be imported.

If a shipment of jewelry is personal and addressed to an individual, the consignee must obtain approval from the Ministry of Finance -Jewelry Department. If a shipment of jewelry is commercial and addressed to a company, the consignee must obtain an Import License and approval from the Ministry of Finance.
An import license is required by the consignee from the Ministry of Interior.
Shipments of Lithium Metal Batteries are prohibited on Emirates Airlines flights which UPS uses to this destination country.

Alternative arrangements are in place, but expect transit delays if the normal planned flow of the package is via Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Time in Transit may be extended due to solution found.

Personal Effects cannot be shipped between these countries
Religious Artwork is prohibited.
The import of software that allows or helps to pass Phone Calls and any Data without being passed by the NTRA (National Telecom Regulatory Authority) network Control is prohibited.

Shipments including such software products must be returned at shippers expense.

If a shipment of garments is personal and is addressed to an individual, the consignee must provide an identification number to Customs. If the shipment of garments is commercial, an Import License is required from the consignee. Garments with satanic themes are prohibited.
Dried leafs of tobacco can only be imported if accompanied by a sanitary health certificate stating that the leafs are free from any plant diseases. The importer has to obtain an approval of the responsible department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Finished tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars and smoking tobacco require a sanitary health certificate from the origin country and an approval from the Egyptian food and drug association, a department of the Ministry of Health. Only registered importers with a valid import license are allowed to import finished tobacco products.

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